Winter Wiper Blades are Important in Duncansville, PA

Reduced winter visibility due to poor windshield wipers is, in a word, misery. If you’re struggling with outdated wiper blades, you probably feel like an expert on why your vehicle’s wiper blades are an important maintenance concern.

Driving in rainy, wintry weather is a chore. However, it gets worse when windshield wipers do not do their job. Stop by the Blue Knob Auto Sales service center here in Duncansville, PA soon and let our technicians replace your wipers with winter wiper blades. Wintry rain can be icy, and summer wiper blades are not designed to deal with the heavy snows of winter.

  • Winter wiper blades stand up against the force of winter ice falling on windshields with sturdier frames.
  • They come built inside a shell of protective rubber.
  • Winter blades are flexible in spite of cold conditions.
  • They also resist tearing.
  • Winter wipers are installed quickly.

Regular blades are thin, with frames too light for heavy rain or snow. Like anything else, your car has to prepare for the changes in the weather. You want wipers to hug the windshield, removing water and ice. Regular wipers miss water, leaving low visibility when driving on Duncansville roads. Make winter wipers a part of your car checkup.

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