Work Hard and Play Hard with the Powerful 2017 Ford F-150

If you're in Duncansville, PA, and you are looking for a powerful truck, then you may want the bold 2017 Ford F-150. When you need something that can power through the work you need, and still be ready for fun, then the F-150 gives you exactly what you need. With significant torque and horsepower, and a towing capacity which exceeds twelve thousand pounds, this truck is not to get taken lightly.

But the 2017 F-150 isn't just a rough and rugged workhorse either. The interior gets packed with convenient features that you'd otherwise only find in a sedan or similar vehicle. The F-150 also features seating arrangements for up to five passengers depending on how the cab gets configured. In addition, there are a number of available or trim-specific features such as split-view 360-degree camera, or specialized lane-keeping systems.

If you'd like to learn more, then stop by Blue Knob Auto Sales, where we can help you out. You can explore our current selection of Ford trucks today!

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