Why Should You Get Your Transmission Inspected Annually?

Your transmission has a big job, yet doesn't require a ton of maintenance. To ensure that your transmission lasts as long as possible, yearly fluid level checks and filter changes are necessary. If your car is driving oddly, it's time to bring your car to Blue Knob Auto Sales for an inspection.

Your transmission needs fluid to stay cool and provide power the right power to your wheels. If the fluid leaks out, you can cause damage to your transmission while driving. Pay attention to any leaks in your driveway, and report these leaks to our technicians. We will identify the leak and determine if your transmission needs to be serviced beyond checking fluid levels and changing the filter.

When your car is driving differently than normal, get your car checked by a reliable technician. Ignoring problems with your transmission can lead to bigger problems that will be expensive to repair, including a transmission replacement.

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