Cooling Fin Design and System Efficiency

Your motor is a large heater and produces large amounts of thermal energy while it is running. Even though your motor produces large amounts of heat, very small cooling system components have a big part in getting rid of this heat.

These cooling system parts are known as cooling fins. Usually made of copper or aluminum, cooling system fins take excess heat from the radiator core tubes and allow this heat to flow into the atmosphere.

Like most other automotive components, cooling fin designs can get fairly detailed. This is because small changes in structure or design can have big effects on cooling efforts. To get more out of your cooling fins, you should keep in mind a measure known as fins per square inch. The more fins there are on an inch of core-piping, the greater the cooling capacity of your motor is.

Cooling fins also face eventual deterioration or damage, but regular radiator system inspections can head-off future issues. At Blue Knob Auto Sales in Duncansville, we employ cooling system experts with experience dealing with details like fin-count. Come by today for a no-obligation consultation about maximizing your system capabilities.

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