Check Your Power Steering Fluid Periodically

Having your power steering oil changed or refilled periodically is a must! All drivers with a non-electronic power steering system must be aware of this fluid for the sake of an easy and safe steering assurance. If you are skeptical about your steering ease on whether it is acceptable or not, bring it on in to Blue Knob Auto Sales, our technicians will provide you with related details. How to know if you are in need of a power steering change relies on your or your technician checking for dark brown or black fluid and as it goes for the fluid levels, it can rely on the temperature of your car. Many people neglect power fluid, but you do not have to be one of those people!

Black and dark brown power steering fluid is the sign for a change, but when it comes to the levels, this can get a little tricky. Power steering fluid expands when it is hot and when this is so, the hot reading markings must be taken into effect. If your vehicle has not been driven in 8 hours or more, this is when the cold reading markings must be used. We highly recommend that you take your vehicle in to Blue Knob Auto Sales to ensure proper readings for optimum power steering success! You should have your power steering fluid checked every oil change interval.

Drive comfortably with a substantially filled power steering container and feel a better sense of relief! Our technicians are skilled to handle your most troubling concerns.