How to Dispel Common Motor Oil Myths

Depending on the make and model of the vehicle that you have purchased from us here at Blue Knob Auto, your oil will need to be changed at specific intervals to maintain the integrity of your car. Every manufacturer recommends different time and mileage points for changing oil, and you can find this information in your vehicle handbook. Unfortunately, there are some shops that pass out improper information as a way to try and get customers back in for oil changes more often than they need to be. Let's dispel some of these motor oil myths that we've heard.

First up, let's discuss the color of the oil in your vehicle. Black oil doesn't mean you need an oil change. It may just be the normal color of your oil after your vehicle has run it through a few times. What about timing? Three thousand miles isn't necessarily when you need your oil changed. Check your car's owner manual and chat with an auto service professional about the type of driving that you do on a daily basis.

The type of oil that you use matters, but you can switch it up as needed for performance. Synthetic oil can be used and then you can switch to conventional. You aren't stuck with synthetic one you've used it. If you have any other questions, stop by our dealership today to find out more.



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