Your Battery is Charged, so Why Won’t Your Car Start?

There are many reasons for a car not starting. Most of them show different symptoms. For instance, when you turn the key and there is a clicking sound from the engine, you can be fairly certain that your battery is dead. Another symptom is the starter cranking without turning the engine over which could mean a faulty timing sensor.

The ignition switch is the item in the ignition system that you use most; it is the component with which you are most often in contact. A common sign that your ignition switch is faulty comes when you turn the key, and the starter is slow to begin cranking. Usually, this means there is corrosion inside the ignition switch that is partially blocking the switch from closing the circuit.

When you bring your car to Blue Knob Auto Sales for service, we check the viability of your ignition switch. Contact our team today!



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