Gasket Health Means Engine Health

Gaskets are a key component of your engine; gaskets are used in a number of places in your engine to form a seal that keeps gases, fluids, and other liquids from leaking. Faulty gaskets can wreak havoc on your engine and a small problem could potentially become a much bigger--and much costlier--problem if not serviced promptly.

You can help keep your gaskets in good condition by changing your oil and vehicle coolant at regular intervals, using manufacturer-recommended coolant, and by maintaining proper torque on head bolts. Despite your best efforts, though, sometimes gaskets fail. Recognizing the early signs of failure and getting your car in to be serviced can potentially prevent a larger repair. Signs to look for include:

  1. Oil in the coolant
  2. Bubbling, foaming, or gurgling noises in the radiator
  3. White smoke emitting from the exhaust system
  4. Engine overheating
  5. Low cylinder pressure

Should you notice these or other worrisome signs, contact Blue Knob Auto Sales and let our expert auto technicians diagnose and repair your car to bring it back to peak performance.

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