What is the Differential, and Does it Need Servicing?

The differential is a small transfer box under your vehicle that is transferring the power from the transmission and motor to the drive shaft so the wheels can move. There are a number of signs to look out for that the differential needs servicing.

The differential houses fluids that work like motor oil to keep all the enclosed parts lubricated. Just like motor oil being charged regularly, the oil in the differential will break down too and lessens the protection of all those gears. Grinding gears or the smell of burning could be the oil is not working effectively any longer.

If you notice a puddle of oil under the car, it could be the gasket of the differential is failing. Leaking oil exposes the gears and reduces their ability to steer the car. Bring the vehicle to our differential service center at the first sign of trouble with steering or power, and we can inspect to make certain the differential is operating as it should.

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