New to Tailgating? Use Our Tips for an Excellent Experience

We at Blue Knob Auto Sales have some great tailgating tips for those who are new to the tradition. It is a great way to get friends and family together at the game and make a whole day of bonding around a sport, your truck, and good food.

Fill a toolbox full of the necessary essentials for tailgating, so you are always prepared for the next game. This will also help you stay organized. Include grilling utensils, a bottle opener, a can opener, sunscreen, paper products, and a mini first-aid kit.

Prep everything you can the day before the game. Marinate your meat, cut up your veggies, put all of your condiments together, and label your coolers. You can also freeze bottles of water for your cooler and a drink on the way home.

If you would like more information about tailgating, our staff would love to answer any questions you have while you get your truck serviced at our dealership.



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