Fall is around the corner and making sure your vehicle is prepared is very important if you want to avoid a roadside emergency. With the change in weather comes a change in driving conditions. Read below to find out ways to make sure your car is ready for the fall.

One of the things many drivers forget to do is check their windshield wiper blades. Even though they're one of the most frequently used components on your car, some drivers neglect to inspect and change their windshield wiper blades in a timely manner. If you notice streaks or large patches of moisture when used, you should replace them.

As temperatures drop you should make sure to check your vehicle's fluids because cold weather causes fluids to thicken. Make sure to drain and replace the coolant and top off your windshield wiper fluid.

Lastly, don’t forget to check your tires. If you live in a place where the roads get icy it is important to make sure that your tires have enough tread. And don’t forget to check your tires’ pressure. Tire pressure decreases about 1 psi for every 10 degrees the temperature drops outside.

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