Material and Design Make Big Difference in Winter Tires

Although winter driving is more treacherous in some states, ice and snow on the roads can provide danger in just about any locale. The type of vehicle, experience of the driver, and selection of winter tires can all make a big difference in both confidence and safety.

If you haven't considered winter tires for your vehicle, it may be time to do just that. Tires are no longer simply made of the same type of rubber all around anymore. Certain advanced rubber compounding technology has allowed special winter tires to be extra pliable during extremely cold temperatures while regular tires tend to get stiff and lose traction. In addition, both the depth and the design of traction cuts have changed, delivering a deeper tread that has more gripping power than ever.

The professionals at Blue Knob Auto can help you explore different winter tires and provide replacement services for you at your convenience.



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