Simple Measures Can Greatly Reduce Glare

Glare is a common occurrence that every driver must inevitably deal with. While glare may seem like a minor irritant, at the wrong moment it can be a contributing factor to road accidents.

Thankfully, drivers can take some simple steps that can greatly reduce glare and increase safety. First of all, drivers should be aware that glare from the sun is often the strongest during sunrise and sunset periods. As such, drivers should take precautions to prevent glare from affecting their vision at these times. Such precautions could include using polarized glasses while driving during twilight hours. In addition, drivers should use sun visors whenever necessary to deflect rays of sunlight. Next, during bright driving conditions, drivers should slow down and avoid tailgating other drivers. Also, drivers should use headlights during high glare periods to help alert other drivers.

Drivers can also take some corrective measures to reduce glare and to improve their own vision. For example, drivers who clean their windshields regularly and repair any chips or cracks in their screens will be greatly improving their visual fields. In addition, drivers should keep their dashboards clear of any unnecessary objects, and always use road markings as visual aids.



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