Choosing a Car for Your Teen May be More Involved than You Think

When it comes time to choose your teen's first car, your first inclination may be to find the least expensive vehicle that runs reliably and call it a day. However, to choose a vehicle that will genuinely benefit your teen, a little more consideration is involved. Here is what you should be looking for as you track down the perfect car for your teen driver.

You'll want to start by considering vehicles that are heavy and big. While they may cost more at the pump, these larger vehicles tend to perform better in accidents, meaning increased safety for your teen. Another factor to consider is the horsepower of a potential car. High horsepower vehicles, of any type, could pose a risk if your teen is ever tempted to push their car to its limits.

At Blue Knob Auto, we want to ensure you make the right choice for you and your teen. Stop by our dealership and one of our vehicle experts will help you pick a car that will keep both you and your teen happy.



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