There are all sorts of creative ways to get odors out of your vehicle. At Blue Knob Auto Sales, we can help you get rid of pet odors, cigarette smoke, and so much more.

Start by removing everything from the vehicle. This includes trash, anything in the ashtray, as well as the floor mats. Vacuum throughout the interior. Then, focus on cleaning up any spills. It’s always best to get ahead of spills so that the stains don’t set. Use some basic interior cleaning products to get rid of obvious dirt and stains.

Then, focus on counteracting the different smells. Vinegar can help to compensate for urine odors. Coffee beans can help with cigarette smoke. You can also use dryer sheets to add a fresh smell by rubbing it across the upholstery. You can also sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and then vacuum it all up.



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