Are you headed out to seethe fall foliage? Road trips in the fall offer the most picturesque scenery. Whether you are leaf peeping in New England or the midwest, there are a number of ways to plan to these trips so that you get to see the best reds and golds.

Experts say that if you are headed to New England for a leaf peeping road trip, then you should go in October. This month offers the best scenery from southern New England areas like Boston up to New Hampshire and Maine. You can also use a new app by Yankee Magazine called Leaf Peepr to find the hottest spots with the best colors of fall foliage.

Planning a road trip usually involves finding the perfect destination. Mountains and picturesque lakes are the perfect opportunities to bond with your family and enjoy the fall season. Want to check out your vehicle and smooth any engine problems beforehand? You can stop by the service department at Blue Knob Auto before your trip.



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