Tire rotations are a routine part of car care and, sometimes, required to maintain tires under warranty coverage. What do 'tire rotations' mean and do they have something to do with your spare tire?

Tire Rotations: The Basics

Tire rotations entail switching the position of tires on your vehicle: front tires to the back or side-to-side. Rotating your tires exposes them to wear more evenly, helping your tires age better and reserve optimal traction on both country roads and streets in Duncansville.

Tire Rotations: Standard Setups

Rearward cross, X-pattern, forward cross, front-to-rear and side-to-side are the most common setups for tire rotations. Forward cross and rearward cross are typical of vehicles with a full-size spare as well as non-directional tires of uniform size.

On rearward cross, the rear axle tires move forward and the spare moves to the right rear axle. On forward cross, the rear tires move forward diagonally, and the right front tire serves as the new spare.

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