Duncansville locals can confidently drive their cars once they've been thoroughly cleaned and properly maintained. One area that is frequently overlooked when taking care of basic auto maintenance, however, is the under-hood area. Surprisingly, there are many benefits in keeping a clean engine. At Blue Knob Auto Sales, we're excited to share two tips for cleaning this incredibly important component correctly.

Get Ready For The Job

Preparation is essential when cleaning your engine. Plan to start this project on a warm, dry day. In addition to checking for sunny weather, you should also make sure that humidity levels are moderate as well. This will make it much easier to thoroughly dry all of the affected components once the cleaning is done.

Start With A Cool Engine

You should always wait until the engine is cool before beginning. If you have recently taking your auto out for a spin, let the engine rest for at least 15 minutes. If the engine is too hot, you may be at risk of getting burned. Exposing a hot engine to cool water can also lead to rapid contraction and structural damages. For more engine cleaning tips or to have your car serviced by experienced professionals, come by Blue Knob Auto Sales now.


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