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How to Work on Improving Your Credit Score

Buying a car is, at times, confusing. It seems like no matter how much you have for a down payment, your interest rate can still vary drastically based on your credit score. That is why we want you to make an informed decision by telling you a few ways your credit score can be raised.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to ensure that your credit score will rise and remain high is to always pay your bills on time and in full. This also includes any credit card bills that you may have as well.  

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Which is Better: Refinancing vs. Trading in Your Car?

The entire team at Blue Knob Auto Sales want our customers to make an informed vehicle purchase. Consider the differences between trading in a car or simply refinancing.

With refinancing, you will get much lower payments because your rate will be lower, but there is one downside to consider. If your vehicle is very old, very poor condition, or has a low resale value, it isn't worth any money and you are basically taking out a new loan.

When you trade-in a vehicle, you are going to get a lower rate and save money on your payments too.  

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How To Know How Much Your Car Costs

Cars are expensive to operate. Even though it might seem like the purchase price of a vehicle costs far more than anything else factoring into the total cost of ownership, several other factors total up to be more than your car’s purchase price, or at least rival it.

Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take to securing a van, truck, or car that won’t cost too much to operate.

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Are You Suffering from Holiday Road Rage?

It turns out the holidays aren't all ho-ho-ho, and love and joy. There's a dark side, and that is road rage.

According to a 2013 survey by State Farm Insurance, incidents of aggressive driving spike around the holiday season.

Why is that?

If you've been knee-deep in organizing a big family get together, then you probably already understand why.

Road rage and aggressive driving happens when a driver becomes emotionally compromised, and explodes in frustration.

Planning trips, orchestrating vacation days, cooking, frantically cleaning the house in preparation of guests, and putting up

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