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How To Know How Much Your Car Costs

Cars are expensive to operate. Even though it might seem like the purchase price of a vehicle costs far more than anything else factoring into the total cost of ownership, several other factors total up to be more than your car’s purchase price, or at least rival it.

Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take to securing a van, truck, or car that won’t cost too much to operate.

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How to Remove Wax from Fabric Car Seats

There are few things more destructive to the upholstery of a car than the seemingly-harmless back-seat coloring book. Drawing with crayons keeps kids occupied on long car trips (if it doesn't give them motion sickness), but if those wax-based pigments get scribbled on your seats, you may be stuck with them for life.

Fortunately, there's a way out. If you are prepping to sell your car to Blue Knob Auto Sales, one simple trick will get the seats looking like new again.

Autoblog provides the following car hack:

  1. Put a piece of blank paper over the crayon marks…
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6 Do's and Don'ts for Mixing Pokémon Go & Driving

A smartphone app has taken Duncansville by storm by feeding off 90's nostalgia, and implementing exciting new augmented-reality technology. Pokémon Go is designed to get gamers to, well, go. A critical part of the game is moving from place to place, theoretically by walking, or biking.

Of course, thousands players worldwide have found ways to cheat the game's physical-fitness aspect by taking a car instead of walking. There are even special Pokémon chauffeuring services cropping up as entrepreneurial individuals take advantage of the craze.

Using any smartphone application behind..

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Explore New Roads in a Used Jeep Cherokee

If you're searching for a rugged and adventurous used car, there's simply no better option than a Jeep Cherokee from our dealership in Duncansville, PA.

Boasting fresh style, the Jeep Cherokee is ready for anything with its all-weather capability and premium quality, modern interior. That means the Cherokee is the perfect crossover whether you're commuting, carpooling or chasing off-road adventure!

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So Much to Love with a Used Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is an incredible pickup truck that has a ton of power and performance to offer, not to mention the rugged good looks we all know it for. So if you're looking to take home a used F-150, the folks at Autotrader have some excellent tips on which one is perfect for you and your budget.

From the ten trim levels to choose from, a number of price points from the different model years from 2009 to 2014, and a handful of powerful engines to get you up and running, you honestly can't go wrong no…

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Can a Spicy Ginger Tea Cure Your Car Sickness?

Car sickness.

We've all gotten it at some point in our lives, whether as a child on a long road trip, or when we tried to read a book in the car, or perhaps even on short trips.

Well. We shouldn’t say we've all experienced this. Research has suggested up to 30 percent of the population is immune to motion sickness, and has no idea what all the rest of us are talking about.

The key to it is conflicting sensory information. When you look down at a book, or your phone, your eyes are not seeing…

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Say Goodbye to Foggy Windshields with One Easy Tip

You know all those spring mornings when it's chilly and rainy, and you have to run your AC at full blast because the windshield keeps on fogging up through your entire morning commute?

Would you have guessed there is a solution sitting right in your bathroom cupboard?

Simply rub shaving cream all over your windshield -- it doesn't have to be a special kind -- then wipe it off again.

The next time it rains, you'll notice considerably less fog. However, the shaving cream trick does not actually prevent water from condensing on your windshield.

Fog forms when water…

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How Not to Drive a Stick Shift

Once upon a time, every vehicle had a manual transmission. Automatics were rare, more expensive, less efficient, and viewed as something no true motoring enthusiast would drive.

Now a traditional stick shift is hard to come by, with many models available only in automatic, or with wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Off-road enthusiasts in particular are embracing the automatic, as it allows you to focus on the trail.

The result is a widespread mystification, and even dread, of manuals. Driving manual isn't as hard as you might think, but it can be easy to damage the transmission and clutch if

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Conquer those Infuriating Salt Stains

If you're a big off-roading truck enthusiast, you may be used to the outside of your 4x4 being slapped with mud and grime.

The interior, however, is your baby.

When winter weather rolls around, you dread salt ruining your upholstery and carpeting with chalky smears that never seem to come out.

Here's how to reverse the damage.

The key secret is that road salt is not just salt. Calcium carbonate (think TUMS) is added to it, not for heartburn relief, but to keep it from turning into a clumpy slurry if it gets wet in the back of…

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