The Jeep® Brand’s Future Of Advanced AI & Autonomous Off-Road Driving Tech

September 1st, 2023 by

Watch Video: Jeep’s Future of Advanced AI

The Jeep® brand squad recently ventured to Moab, Utah, to test the freshest self-driving off-road tech prototypes. These cutting-edge innovations were integrated into a duo of electrifying Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe models. The Jeep® label has been an emblem of freedom, genuineness, excitement, and zeal for eight decades. These automobiles cater to the visionary and active crowd, crafting exceptional and rare connections between them and their proprietors. This is because the spirit of adventure courses through the genetic makeup of every Jeep® vehicle. Join us in this video by Blue Knob Auto Sales as we look at the Jeep brand’s future of advanced AI.

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