Rental agreement


2634 RT 764 PO BOX 339

Duncansville, PA, 16635

I,______________ the customer, do hereby acknowledge that I am receiving the use of a rental car at the charge of $______ per day ( for the period________________ beginning and ending. (One day rental includes 50 miles per day. Any miles of 50/day are subject to a ¢.10/ mile charge.) If one week rental 700 miles will be provided, if over 700 miles ¢.10/mile will occur. Subject to change per rental time period.
In consideration for the use of the rental car, you hereby acknowledge that you have read and understand and fully agree with the following terms of the Rental Agreement which are listed below. You make the following representations and agree to the following terms;
You have motor vehicle insurance coverage on your own vehicle, additional driver has own motor vehicle insurance, understand and agree that rental charge does not include a charge for insurance protection by the dealer, any insurance protection for the rental car during your use will be provided under your own existing insurance policy and, if such policy fail for any reason to afford coverage, you will be solely responsible for any and all liability. Insurance protection is not an option by the dealer and there is no charges for such protection, you agree that you will contact your insurance company prior to the rental of the car will be covered and that your vehicle insurance will provide collision damage coverage on the vehicle of all repairs. (625 ILCS 5\6-305 (h)). You will return the rental to the rental office and no other locations, if vehicle is brought after closing hours and not checked in by dealer you are solely responsible for the safety of, and any damage to the vehicle until we inspect it. You must report all accidents, incidents of theft and vandalism to the police as soon as you discover them, after discovery you must report them to dealer as well. Vehicle returned must be cleaned and without garbage, otherwise a $50 cleaning charge applies. NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED IN VEHICLE, otherwise a $200 cleaning charge applies. Absolutely no refunds, except for A) Repeated mechanical failure, or B) Verifiable medical or family emergencies. 
Only persons listed on the agreement over the age of 21 may drive this vehicle, you are responsible for all colision damage to the vehicle even if someone else is driving. You should check your insurance company to find out about all your coverage. Definitions: "agreement" means all terms and conditions found on both sides of the form or any additional materials we provide at the time of rental. "You" or "Your'' means the person identified as the renter of page 1, any person signing this agreement and any authorized driver. All persons referred to as "you or your" are jointly and severally bound to this agreement. RENTAL. This agreement is a contract for the rental of this vehicle, we make no warranties, express, implied or apparent regarding the vehicle, including any warranty of merchant or that the vehicle if for it's particular purpose. We may repossess the vehicle at your expense without notice to you if the vehicle is abandoned or used in the violation of law or this agreement. FULL INSURANCE COVERAGE. You are responsible for all damages or losses you cause to others. You agree to provide full coverage auto insurance covering you, us, and the vehicle. If you do not have auto liability insurance, we DO NOT provide insurance. CHARGES. You will pay us on demand for all charges due to under this agreement that are allowed by law, including, but not limited to: (1) time and usage for the period during which you keep the vehicle; (2) damages to the rental car; (3) a 2% late fee will apply on all past due fees. DEPOSIT. We may use your deposit to pay any amounts owed to us under this agreement. YOUR PROPERTY. You release us, from all damages and loss to your personal/rental vehicle. BREACH OF AGREEMENT.  If you breach this agreement, you will be liable for all damage of the rental vehicle caused by your breach, unless otherwise provided by law. RENTAL AGREEMENT VIOLATIONS. You agree to properly operate this vehicle, if any of the following acts are committed, any coverage provided to you will be voided. Operation of the vehicle by unauthorized driver, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other substances, reckless driving, transportation of more passengers than seat belts, using the vehicle to participate or act or assist is any activity that violates any law, rule, or regulation, using the vehicle to push or pull or tow any other vehicle and the operation of the vehicle outside the continental United States and Canada.