PermaPlate Appearance Protection
Paintguard -Ultimate Paint Protection 

Three decades of innovative product research and testing back up the quality and success of Paintguard. 
Without protection, a vehicle's painted finish can quickly lose that 'new car' shine. 
Paintguard will protect the sun's powerful ultraviolet rays which cause oxidation, loss of gloss and fading  a vehicle's surfaces from:
  • the effects of road salt, salt air, and Magnesium Chloride
  • the penetration of bird droppings , tree sap, water spotting, acid rain and industrial fallout (Limited Coverage)
  • the damage caused by paint overspray, brake dust on aluminum alloy wheels, and hard water spotting on chrome
Additionally, headlight lenses will be protected from sun, fading and oxidation.

Fiberguard- Ultimate Fabric Protection

With Fiberguard, spills, splatters and everyday mishaps are easily eliminated 
before they become permanent stains on your vehicle's clean interior. 
Fiberguard protects a vehicle's fabric upholstery and carpeting by:

  • preventing stains from oil and water based spills
  • allowing quick and easy clean up 
  • bonding to individual fibers without altering texture, scent or color of the treated fabric 
  • inhibiting stains from dyes

LeatherGuard- Ultimate Leather & Vinyl protection 

Sun, excessive dryness and temperature extremes can quickly show their effects on a vehicles leather and vinyl surfaces. The advanced sunscreens and penetrating conditioners in 
Leatherguard are formulated to prevent or inhibit:

  • drying and the loss of soft, supple texture
  • fading, discoloration , cracking and staining
  • premature aging of leather and vinyl seats, dashboards and interior trim

Comprehensive Warranty also provides repairs for rips tears and burns.